3 février 2010

Win The Official 6 Nations Rugby Shirt

Are you going to follow the 6 Nations Rubgy Championship this weekend and in the coming weeks? Well, I've got something for you: what about winning the official 6 Nations Rugby Shirt?

Not a specialist in betting?
It doesn't matter, BETCoffee reduces the betting process to the minimum: an answer with TRUE or FALSE is enough.

Not a rugby specialist?
It doesn't matter, you have at least the same chances to win as any specialist.

Not even a rugby fan?
It doesn't matter, just place your bets and take your chance to win a very nice shirt.
The only little challenge for you is to invite as many friends as you can to participate as the objective on this contest is to have a minimum of 50 participants.

To invite friends, just use the invite button on any betting rule or use the share buttons on the right hand side of the page.

Good luck!

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