22 janvier 2010

Win A Voucher On The Australian Open Shop

Tennis players and tennis fans are going to love it: we created a new contest only based on general tournament statistics at the Australian Open.

Your challenge: make the best possible forecast on the best servers, the number of games, sets, tie-breaks, etc, and win as many Rubies as possible.

The best punter on this contest will win a voucher to redeem directly on the online shop of the Australian Open. T-shirts, hats, towels, bags, rackets, everything is there.

But the most important is certainly to invite all your friends to join as the value of the voucher will be proportional to the number of participants on this contest. The more you are the higher the value of the voucher!

To invite friends just hit the 'Invite' button in the center of the details page on each betting rule and/or click on the 'share on Facebook' / 'retweet' buttons in the right sidebar.

You have a bit more than a week to place your bets. Good luck!

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