10 janvier 2010

No Winner On The Crunchies But...

The Crunchies Awards Ceremony has been held last Friday night in San Francisco, you can check the list of nominees and winners on TechCrunch, photo gallery and watch the videos of the ceremony.

We have no winner this time on our BETCoffee tournament as noone managed to place 10 winning bets unfortunately. The best result was very close though with 8 winning bets. Really not bad. Thank you and well done to all of you who participated including the followers of the Niptech podcast.

This first tournament (and new type of competition based on the number of winning bets) was a good warm-up for the coming weeks. Actually the whole team is working very hard to prepare a new series of tournaments related to some big events in the near future. Stay tuned as there are some nice prizes coming!

Meanwhile, continue to practice and develop your intuition by organising bets and challenging your friends (just click on "Create Bet" in the menu bar). We are most probably going to keep and even develop the model of multiple prizes in proportion of the number of participants. Thus you better invite as many friends as you can to get prepared for the coming tournaments (hint).

Also please become a fan of our Facebook page and follow @bet_coffee to make sure you get all the news about new betting rules, features, tournaments, etc.

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