4 janvier 2010

NEW: Bet Tournament On The Crunchies Awards

Today we are pleased to introduce a new type of competition on BETCoffee: TOURNAMENTS

While you usually participate in contests across all BETCoffee's categories, tournaments are shorter and only based on a subset of bets within one predefined category.

Our very first tournament relates to the coming Crunchies Awards celebrating the best technology accomplishments of 2009.

The awards ceremony will take place in San Francisco on the 8th January 2010.

10 Winning Bets Over 4 Days

Here's how it works: the tournament is based on the 10 betting rules of the Crunchies Awards category and lasts only 4 days. To participate just go to http://www.betcoffee.com/rules/list?category_id=142 and place at least one bet on each one of the 10 betting rules. It's quick but not necessarily easy! You can win if you place 10 winning bets.

The more players, the higher the prize

This time the prize for the winner will be an Amazon gift card whose amount is proportional to the number of participants. In other words, the more people you convince to join and play, the higher the prize will be.

Good luck!

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