19 janvier 2010

More Participants = Bigger Prizes

A very simple yet important equation:

More Participants = Bigger Prizes

In other words, the value of the prize for a contest winner on BETCoffee is proportional to the number of players who placed bets on that contest.

Take the contest on the main draw of the Australian Open for instance. We defined the following scale.

less than 25 players:
no prize
25 to 29 players:

1 Wii Thrustmaster Motion Plus Tennis Duo Pack NW
30 to 34 players:

1 Top Spin 3 game
35 to 39 players:

Open, Andre Agassi's autobiography
40 to 44 players:

1 Virtua Tennis 2009 game
45 to 49 players:

1 DVD - The 2008 Finals: Nadal vs. Federer
50 to 99:

EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis
100 players or more:

Nintendo Wii

The final number of players at the end of the contest defines the prize for the winner.

So, if you want to win the Wii game console, of course you have to place a maximum of winning bets but you also have to invite as many people as you can to increase to total number of players as much as possible!

It's very easy to spread the word: when you are on the landing page of a contest, just hit the retweet or the Facebook share button in the top right hand corner of the BETCoffee website!

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