28 janvier 2010

Let Us Bet On The Apple iPad

If you are an Apple fanboy/girl of course you didn't miss the Keynote yesterday. Otherwise you surely spotted the headlines today. Every single newspaper, radio and tv channel talks about Apple's revolutionary new device, the iPad. I don't even mention Twitter, the blogs, the Facebook groups, etc.

After waiting weeks or even months, we know what the tablet will offer eventually, do we? Actually, there are a few gray areas where fans still have doubts.

Since we, Europeans, have to wait at least two more months, let's have a bit of fun and bet on the questions above (just click on them). We'll see who's right or wrong.

Do you know other unanswered questions about the iPad? Just sign in at betcoffee.com and click on 'Create Bet' at the top. And challenge your friends of course.

By the way, if you feel concerned about the webcam, please join our Facebook group 'I want an iPad with a webcam' and invite your friends to join too!

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