12 janvier 2010

Africa Cup Of Nations: Bet And Win 500 Dollars

In my previous post I alluded to new contests with great prizes. Here you go: we just launched a contest based on the current Africa Cup of Nations, the official football championship of Africa. Until the end of the month, the competition involves the best 15 African nations including some of the world top players.

During the 10 next days you can bet on the games of the group stage and win a gift card of up to - read carefully - 500 US dollars!

We created several series of diverse betting rules - not just game results - so everybody has got a chance to win - not just football fans.

Following the group stage, we will organise more contests with more prizes for the quarter- and semi-finals as well as the final of course.

As usual on BETCoffee betting is totally safe: no money is involved as you bet with Rubies only.

Take your chance and good luck!

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