28 janvier 2010

Let Us Bet On The Apple iPad

If you are an Apple fanboy/girl of course you didn't miss the Keynote yesterday. Otherwise you surely spotted the headlines today. Every single newspaper, radio and tv channel talks about Apple's revolutionary new device, the iPad. I don't even mention Twitter, the blogs, the Facebook groups, etc.

After waiting weeks or even months, we know what the tablet will offer eventually, do we? Actually, there are a few gray areas where fans still have doubts.

Since we, Europeans, have to wait at least two more months, let's have a bit of fun and bet on the questions above (just click on them). We'll see who's right or wrong.

Do you know other unanswered questions about the iPad? Just sign in at betcoffee.com and click on 'Create Bet' at the top. And challenge your friends of course.

By the way, if you feel concerned about the webcam, please join our Facebook group 'I want an iPad with a webcam' and invite your friends to join too!

25 janvier 2010

Australian Open and Africa Cup of Nations: Week 2

We are just halfway of two of the major sports events of the month. How successful have you been so far with your bets? In any case there is still plenty of time to place winning bets.

This week will be very interesting. The games are becoming tougher and the outcome more uncertain: a great opportunity for you to take the lead! And to win one of these cool prizes:

Be the most successful punter on the entire Australian Open tennis tournament to win a brand new Nintendo Wii

Make a good guess on the statistics of the Australian Open to win up to AU$100 on the online shop of the tournament

Place winning bets on the 1/4 and 1/2 finals of the Africa Cup of Nations to win the World Cup 2010 Official Match Ball

22 janvier 2010

Win A Voucher On The Australian Open Shop

Tennis players and tennis fans are going to love it: we created a new contest only based on general tournament statistics at the Australian Open.

Your challenge: make the best possible forecast on the best servers, the number of games, sets, tie-breaks, etc, and win as many Rubies as possible.

The best punter on this contest will win a voucher to redeem directly on the online shop of the Australian Open. T-shirts, hats, towels, bags, rackets, everything is there.

But the most important is certainly to invite all your friends to join as the value of the voucher will be proportional to the number of participants on this contest. The more you are the higher the value of the voucher!

To invite friends just hit the 'Invite' button in the center of the details page on each betting rule and/or click on the 'share on Facebook' / 'retweet' buttons in the right sidebar.

You have a bit more than a week to place your bets. Good luck!

Africa Cup of Nations, Quarter- And Semi-Finals: New Contest, New Prize

The Group Stage of the Africa Cup of Nations finished yesterday evening with the two last games. Thus our first contest is over and we will announce the winner shortly.

However the competition goes on! We opened a new contest based on the quarter- and semi-finals of the tournament with a cool new prize, especially if you are a football player or a football fan:


You can win it if you are the best punter on the 1/4 and 1/2 finals of the Africa Cup of Nations.

Don't lose time, start to place a few bets now. Good luck!

20 janvier 2010

300,000 Twitter Followers For Bill Gates?

You may have read on your Twitter timeline one of the zillions of tweets announcing that Bill Gates just joined Twitter with a certified account.

Actually, in just one day, no more than 3 tweets and 2 retweets, Mr Gates attracted more than 100,000 new followers and probably established a new speed record on Twitter!

We thought that it would be fun to see how far this can go and we created a bet about the number of followers he can reach by the end of the day. Currently 63% of you believe that Bill Gates can reach 300,000 followers by the end of day.

What's your bet?

Just go to http://www.betcoffee.com/bet/1853 and click on BET (it's free of charge).

19 janvier 2010

More Participants = Bigger Prizes

A very simple yet important equation:

More Participants = Bigger Prizes

In other words, the value of the prize for a contest winner on BETCoffee is proportional to the number of players who placed bets on that contest.

Take the contest on the main draw of the Australian Open for instance. We defined the following scale.

less than 25 players:
no prize
25 to 29 players:

1 Wii Thrustmaster Motion Plus Tennis Duo Pack NW
30 to 34 players:

1 Top Spin 3 game
35 to 39 players:

Open, Andre Agassi's autobiography
40 to 44 players:

1 Virtua Tennis 2009 game
45 to 49 players:

1 DVD - The 2008 Finals: Nadal vs. Federer
50 to 99:

EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis
100 players or more:

Nintendo Wii

The final number of players at the end of the contest defines the prize for the winner.

So, if you want to win the Wii game console, of course you have to place a maximum of winning bets but you also have to invite as many people as you can to increase to total number of players as much as possible!

It's very easy to spread the word: when you are on the landing page of a contest, just hit the retweet or the Facebook share button in the top right hand corner of the BETCoffee website!

15 janvier 2010

Australian Open: Nintendo Wii And Many Other Prizes To Win

Hey fellow tennis fans of the world! The first tennis grand slam of the year aka Australian Open started and we, at BETCoffee, want you to have fun betting on your favorite players and to win cool prizes at the same time!
Therefore we created several betting contests including different types of betting rules and prizes to let you play where you prefer:
  • Main draw: this contest includes all the games of the main draw, from the first round to the final, for men and women. Here you can play on the Australian Open from day 1 to the very end of the tournament and maybe win a Nintendo Wii game console.

    Please note: the bet limit dates/times are subject to change as the official schedule of the games is not available yet.

    To play now on the main draw:

  • Quarter- and semi-finals (coming soon): if you prefer you can place bets on the quarter-finals and the semi-finals only and, if you're good enough, win amazing prizes too.

  • Final (coming soon): a set of betting rules related to the last and most important game of the tournament.

  • Statistics: this contest is likely to interest the super tennis fans, the fanatics! They can place bets on the tournament's statistics overall and win gift cards to redeem directly on the Australian Open online shop!

    To play now on the statistics:

These contests are exclusively based on official betting rules organised and arbitrated by us. However feel free to create your own rules as well and challenge your tennis friends, sparring partners, coworkers, etc.

To set the mood here's the official commercial of the Australian Open. Good luck!

12 janvier 2010

Africa Cup Of Nations: Bet And Win 500 Dollars

In my previous post I alluded to new contests with great prizes. Here you go: we just launched a contest based on the current Africa Cup of Nations, the official football championship of Africa. Until the end of the month, the competition involves the best 15 African nations including some of the world top players.

During the 10 next days you can bet on the games of the group stage and win a gift card of up to - read carefully - 500 US dollars!

We created several series of diverse betting rules - not just game results - so everybody has got a chance to win - not just football fans.

Following the group stage, we will organise more contests with more prizes for the quarter- and semi-finals as well as the final of course.

As usual on BETCoffee betting is totally safe: no money is involved as you bet with Rubies only.

Take your chance and good luck!

10 janvier 2010

No Winner On The Crunchies But...

The Crunchies Awards Ceremony has been held last Friday night in San Francisco, you can check the list of nominees and winners on TechCrunch, photo gallery and watch the videos of the ceremony.

We have no winner this time on our BETCoffee tournament as noone managed to place 10 winning bets unfortunately. The best result was very close though with 8 winning bets. Really not bad. Thank you and well done to all of you who participated including the followers of the Niptech podcast.

This first tournament (and new type of competition based on the number of winning bets) was a good warm-up for the coming weeks. Actually the whole team is working very hard to prepare a new series of tournaments related to some big events in the near future. Stay tuned as there are some nice prizes coming!

Meanwhile, continue to practice and develop your intuition by organising bets and challenging your friends (just click on "Create Bet" in the menu bar). We are most probably going to keep and even develop the model of multiple prizes in proportion of the number of participants. Thus you better invite as many friends as you can to get prepared for the coming tournaments (hint).

Also please become a fan of our Facebook page and follow @bet_coffee to make sure you get all the news about new betting rules, features, tournaments, etc.

7 janvier 2010

Double Your Winnings On Crunchies Awards Tournament

Our friends from the Niptech podcast just had a cool idea for their podcast #14. They are going to offer the same prize as we do in case one of their followers (via Google Friend Connect) wins the BETCoffee tournament on the Crunchies Awards. In other words, you have a unique chance until tomorrow to double your winnings on this particular tournament!
  1. Go to http://www.betcoffee.com/bets/crunchies_awards.
  2. Place at least one bet on each one of the 10 betting rules.
  3. Go to http://www.niptechpodcast.com/ and become a friend via the Friend Connect box in the right sidebar.
Good luck!

4 janvier 2010

NEW: Bet Tournament On The Crunchies Awards

Today we are pleased to introduce a new type of competition on BETCoffee: TOURNAMENTS

While you usually participate in contests across all BETCoffee's categories, tournaments are shorter and only based on a subset of bets within one predefined category.

Our very first tournament relates to the coming Crunchies Awards celebrating the best technology accomplishments of 2009.

The awards ceremony will take place in San Francisco on the 8th January 2010.

10 Winning Bets Over 4 Days

Here's how it works: the tournament is based on the 10 betting rules of the Crunchies Awards category and lasts only 4 days. To participate just go to http://www.betcoffee.com/rules/list?category_id=142 and place at least one bet on each one of the 10 betting rules. It's quick but not necessarily easy! You can win if you place 10 winning bets.

The more players, the higher the prize

This time the prize for the winner will be an Amazon gift card whose amount is proportional to the number of participants. In other words, the more people you convince to join and play, the higher the prize will be.

Good luck!