2 décembre 2009

Top Social Games for December 1, 2009

Yesterday Inside Social Games posted its lists of the Top 25 Facebook and Top 25 MySpace Games. Unsurprisingly FarmVille on Facebook is by far #1 with nearly 69 million users, growing by more than 6 million monthly active users in November. However, this is only a little more than half of what it earned the previous month.

Facebook itself continues its astounding growth (from 150 to almost 350 million users in a year) and certainly contributes in a great way to the rise of social gaming, unless it is the other way round.

Still on Facebook, Zynga's FishVille is growing rapidly too and ranks #6 with over 21 million users, despite being temporarily taken offline by Facebook beginning of November on claim of advertising violations.

Playdom's Mobsters, the most popular game on MySpace, has a million more users than it had 12 months ago. During the past month, it saw about 92000 new installs bringing it to 14181576 total users.

It's probably the right time to develop a BETCoffee app on Facebook and MySpace, isn't it?

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