22 décembre 2009

Small But Important Upgrade

Hey fellow punters! We just pushed a new upgrade of the public beta including two important changes.

No opposite bets

First, we decided to prevent opposite bets placed by the same players on the same betting rules. Even though the technique was much appreciated by our frequent users to secure their bets, we think that it does not serve the interest of the game.

Therefore, you can only place bets on one outcome per bet, either True or False but not both. When you try to place opposite bets, the corresponding field turns red including an explanation in the information tooltip.

However, you can still place several bets on the same outcome if you want e.g. 3 bets on True.

Automatic log in

No need to log in anymore when you receive one of the following email notifications.
  • Registration confirmation
  • Invitation to be friends
  • Invitation to bet
  • Set the result on a user bet
  • See the result of a user bet
Clicking on the link included in the email you receive will log you in automatically. This should make things quicker and easier.

We hope you'll enjoy it and we welcome your feedback as usual!

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