17 décembre 2009

The Niptech Podcast Features BETCoffee

To our French speaking users, fans and followers, you should listen to the Niptech Podcast #11 hosted by Ben and Mike.

Together with Julien, special guest of the podcast, they talk about BETCoffee (starting at 31:05 approximately). Ben shares his first experience as a punter while Mike explains that the website couldn't have been launched more timely with major events coming next year such as the FIFA World Cup. Both rightly see the benefit of using BETCoffee as a service to organise bets in a corporate environment instead of the traditional and very unpractical spreadsheet. Well, you surely won't be surprised if I tell you that we're working on it.

Thank you guys for mentioning BETCoffee in your excellent weekly podcast (I'm a fan anyway) and keep the good work!

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