7 décembre 2009

BETCoffee In Public BETA!

These last weeks, we received some awesome feedback and suggestions from many early users which helped us to design some of the most requested new features and enhancements as well as finetune the existing mechanisms.

After 2 months in private beta, we believe BETCoffee has met a higher bar for quality and reliability and is now ready to open up to the public. As from today, the website is accessible to anyone, as a public beta version.

What do I have to do?

Well, almost nothing. Just use the URi www.betcoffee.com (instead of beta.betcoffee.com) and take 5 seconds to update your bookmark (if any) in your web browser.

Despite the new URi, the switch is seamless: you keep the same user profile, the same credentials and your Rubies account is unchanged of course.

A swarm of improvements

With the public beta we're also pushing a major new release with lots of awesome features and  enhancements as well as some bug fixes. Continue to read to discover what's new on BETCoffee.

Private User Bets

A frequently requested feature was the possibility to create a betting rule targetting a closed user groups such as your friends.

This is now possible with a simple checkbox in the Create bet form. Consequently, the betting rule will remain invisible to users who are outside of your circle of friends unless they received an invitation.

Please note that this new feature does not include any security rules to prevent access to your private betting rules; it just allows you to control its visibility on the website.

Players on Official Bets

One of the most frequent requests was about the ability to see who placed a bet on an official betting rule. So be it! The details page of an official bet now shows the players corresponding to the 24 largest bets, with your friends on the left and the other players on the right. It provides you with an immediate snapshot of the situtation so you can make the best choice.

Auto redirect

As from now, there's no need to click around anymore when you receive an email invitation. Links included in emails will redirect you automatically to the corresponding pages so you can quickly and easily place your bet or accept a friend request.


You can now add your comments to any betting rules and start a discussion with the other players about the potential outcome.

24h time format

We decided to switch to the 24h time format on the form to create a new betting rule in order to prevent any confusion.

New animation

We created a new short animation that runs in the center of the front page as well as on any other page when you visit it for the first time. The objective here is to provide a snapshot of the game to new comers.

With respect to animations and modal windows in general, you can now close them easily just by hitting the Escape key of your keyboard.

Live Win

While you can see your potential win when placing a new bet, the account box in the left sidebar now shows your total potential winnings counting all the bets you placed. We decided to replace the less pertinent amount of placed Rubies we had before.

IE Compatibility

For those of you running Internet Explorer we improved the compatibility, big time.

Three simultaneous contests

Last but not least, the pace of competition is increasing! While we just crowned the first BETCoffee Champion (more details soon on this blog), we are launching three simultaneous contests with three new attractive prizes!

You have a little less than one month to win a superb Wii game console, a high tech watch phone or a digital MP3/MP4 player! The details of the contests are available on the website (just click on the images to learn more).

Contests & Prizes

To let you follow up on your performance with respect to the contests, a new page named "Contests & prizes" has been created in the left sidebar. You can open it anytime to check your ranking on each current contest.

The automatic email digest contains three different rankings as well.

Take your chance and good luck!

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