14 décembre 2009

Are You On Facebook?

You already have a Facebook account? Lucky you because BETCoffee is fully integrated with Facebook.

Create an account and log in instantly

You can create a new BETCoffee account and log in instantly with just one click. Spot the blue button named "Connect with Facebook" in the left sidebar at BETCoffee.com and click on it. You will be asked to enter your Facebook credentials and authorize BETCoffee to email you via Facebook. Please note that we do NOT store your email address, emails are only submitted to and forwarded to you by Facebook.

Invite your Facebook friends

Once logged in, you can easily invite your Facebook friends to join BETCoffee via the "Friends" page at BETCoffee.com.

There is a double incentive to invite your FB friends:
  1. The more friends join you on BETCoffee, the more chances you have to win our prize rewarding the best connector. Check it out!
  2. The more friends join you on BETCoffee, the more potential challengers thus potential winnings you have.

Challenge your Facebook friends

Every time you create a new betting rule, the website will automatically propose to post it on your Facebook wall. Use this feature as much as possible to let your betting rule spread over Facebook and to maximize your potential winnings.

You can do the same with other players' betting rules or even with official betting rules by clicking on at the top of the details page of a rule.

Become a fan

Last but not least, make sure you become a fan of BETCoffee on Facebook! This way you will be alerted via your news/live feed on Facebook about our new official betting rules and other interesting news related to BETCoffee.

To become a fan click on in the right sidebar of this page or head over to our Facebook page and click on the same button at the top.

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