18 décembre 2009

500 Bets

Hurray, BETCoffee just reached the milestone of

500 bets !

Well done to all the players!

Today, we are halfway of the 3 contests for the Wii, the watch phone and the MP3 player. The good news is that the 3 current leaders are clearly still within your reach. Don't give up!

To catch up with the best players, choose your strategy, for example:
  • bet on the official bets with the largest numbers of players or the largest amounts
  • ... or create several user bets pertinent to your activities with your friends or colleagues and invite them all to bet against you
  • ... or challenge your Facebook friends and your Twitter followers

  • ... or create your own strategy!

Also, make sure you check out our featured official bets about the winners of the forthcoming Golden Globe Awards or about potential acquisitions in the tech world.

Good luck!

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