30 décembre 2009

BETCoffee Special Guest Of The Niptech Podcast

Please let me introduce Ben and Mike (on the photo) to you, the creators of the Niptech Podcast. Every week, they discuss and comment (in French) what's hot, new, interesting, important, surprising, etc, on the web.

Studios de Fréquence Banane
You may remember that Ben and Mike were kind enough to dedicate a few minutes to BETCoffee in their podcast #11. It was a couple of weeks ago.

The other day, I stumbled on one of Ben's tweets indicating that he was travelling to Switzerland for the holidays. I tweeted back to suggest a meeting, just to shake hands and maybe have a drink, and we ended up recording a whole new podcast together! It happened in one of the studios of the web radio Fréquence Banane.

We talked about BETCoffee and what the website offers but we also touched other topics such as community management, social gaming, virtual money, entrepreneurship, etc.

Check it out at http://www.niptechpodcast.com/?p=164 (it's in French) and let us know what you think!

Many thanks to Ben and Mike for having me, it was a very pleasant exercise and very nice to meet them in person.

23 décembre 2009

Season Greetings

The past three months since the very first online version of BETCoffee were absolutely amazing. We accomplished more than we could have imagined last summer when the project was still in preparation. Most of the progress and success was made possible by you, our early users, with the outstanding feedback you provided and the enthusiasm you demonstrated. We'd like to thank you sincerely for helping us to make the website what it is today.

Hopefully we can count on your continued support in 2010! We have tons of extensions and surprises in preparation for next year and we are looking forward to sharing them with the BETCoffee community.

Meanwhile we'd like to wish you a merry Christmas, happy holidays and a happy new year, to you and your families. May 2010 be rich and prosperous for everyone, let's bet on it!

We'll continue to create and arbitrate official bets during the holidays just in case you wonder. You still have 11 days to compete on the 3 current contests, it's more than enough to win. Don't slow down, keep the pace! Why don't you create a few betting rules by yourself? Remember, they can be private and it's a great way to have fun with your family and friends during the holidays.

22 décembre 2009

Small But Important Upgrade

Hey fellow punters! We just pushed a new upgrade of the public beta including two important changes.

No opposite bets

First, we decided to prevent opposite bets placed by the same players on the same betting rules. Even though the technique was much appreciated by our frequent users to secure their bets, we think that it does not serve the interest of the game.

Therefore, you can only place bets on one outcome per bet, either True or False but not both. When you try to place opposite bets, the corresponding field turns red including an explanation in the information tooltip.

However, you can still place several bets on the same outcome if you want e.g. 3 bets on True.

Automatic log in

No need to log in anymore when you receive one of the following email notifications.
  • Registration confirmation
  • Invitation to be friends
  • Invitation to bet
  • Set the result on a user bet
  • See the result of a user bet
Clicking on the link included in the email you receive will log you in automatically. This should make things quicker and easier.

We hope you'll enjoy it and we welcome your feedback as usual!

18 décembre 2009

500 Bets

Hurray, BETCoffee just reached the milestone of

500 bets !

Well done to all the players!

Today, we are halfway of the 3 contests for the Wii, the watch phone and the MP3 player. The good news is that the 3 current leaders are clearly still within your reach. Don't give up!

To catch up with the best players, choose your strategy, for example:
  • bet on the official bets with the largest numbers of players or the largest amounts
  • ... or create several user bets pertinent to your activities with your friends or colleagues and invite them all to bet against you
  • ... or challenge your Facebook friends and your Twitter followers

  • ... or create your own strategy!

Also, make sure you check out our featured official bets about the winners of the forthcoming Golden Globe Awards or about potential acquisitions in the tech world.

Good luck!

17 décembre 2009

The Niptech Podcast Features BETCoffee

To our French speaking users, fans and followers, you should listen to the Niptech Podcast #11 hosted by Ben and Mike.

Together with Julien, special guest of the podcast, they talk about BETCoffee (starting at 31:05 approximately). Ben shares his first experience as a punter while Mike explains that the website couldn't have been launched more timely with major events coming next year such as the FIFA World Cup. Both rightly see the benefit of using BETCoffee as a service to organise bets in a corporate environment instead of the traditional and very unpractical spreadsheet. Well, you surely won't be surprised if I tell you that we're working on it.

Thank you guys for mentioning BETCoffee in your excellent weekly podcast (I'm a fan anyway) and keep the good work!

16 décembre 2009

And The Winner Is...

Nathanaël Pittet! Nath (right on the photo), one of the most active players on BETCoffee, is our very first BETCoffee Champion as he accumulated the largest amount of Rubies during the first and latest contest.

Nathanael Pittet, first BETCoffee Champion
Yesterday, he was rewarded with a brand new and shiny iPod shuffle in polished stainless steel (limited edition) by Thomas Gendulphe, CEO of Fair Web Entertainment (left on the photo).

"It is a great pleasure to be the first winner, the first Roger Federer of BETCoffee and to receive this beautiful prize", he said.

Nonetheless, as one would expect from a champion, Nathanaël told us that he is already fully concentrated on the next contest.
"Now I'm fighting for the Wii! I always dreamed of it but my wife never offered it to me..."

Let's bet that Nathanaël will do his utmost to win again. Will you let him go (hint) ? There's only one way to stop him: click now on "PLAY FOR FREE" in the right sidebar!

We'll know the name of the next champion on January 4, 2010.

14 décembre 2009

We Are Hiring A Software Architect Or Technical Manager

Hey folks, to keep pace with our fast development, we are looking for a Software Architect Or Technical Manager. His/her objective is to design and ensure the compliance of our developments mainly based on Ruby on Rails technologies.

Above all, our preferred candidate will be flexible and highly motivated to work for a young and innovative startup, in one of the fastest growing industries aka social gaming.

You hold a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or Software Engineering, and have at least two years of experience in the analysis, design and development of applications on web platforms, then please contact us now by sending your curriculum vitae to jobs@fairwebentertainment.com.

You can download the complete job description here.

Are You On Facebook?

You already have a Facebook account? Lucky you because BETCoffee is fully integrated with Facebook.

Create an account and log in instantly

You can create a new BETCoffee account and log in instantly with just one click. Spot the blue button named "Connect with Facebook" in the left sidebar at BETCoffee.com and click on it. You will be asked to enter your Facebook credentials and authorize BETCoffee to email you via Facebook. Please note that we do NOT store your email address, emails are only submitted to and forwarded to you by Facebook.

Invite your Facebook friends

Once logged in, you can easily invite your Facebook friends to join BETCoffee via the "Friends" page at BETCoffee.com.

There is a double incentive to invite your FB friends:
  1. The more friends join you on BETCoffee, the more chances you have to win our prize rewarding the best connector. Check it out!
  2. The more friends join you on BETCoffee, the more potential challengers thus potential winnings you have.

Challenge your Facebook friends

Every time you create a new betting rule, the website will automatically propose to post it on your Facebook wall. Use this feature as much as possible to let your betting rule spread over Facebook and to maximize your potential winnings.

You can do the same with other players' betting rules or even with official betting rules by clicking on at the top of the details page of a rule.

Become a fan

Last but not least, make sure you become a fan of BETCoffee on Facebook! This way you will be alerted via your news/live feed on Facebook about our new official betting rules and other interesting news related to BETCoffee.

To become a fan click on in the right sidebar of this page or head over to our Facebook page and click on the same button at the top.

11 décembre 2009

Official Bets With Description, Image And Link

Did you notice that some of the official bets are a lot more attractive now? We decided to enhance the format by adding a picture and by providing a little bit of background as well as a link to the corresponding web page for those of you who need it before placing a bet.

Here's a snapshot of an official bet ending tomorrow about Penélope Cruz and her chances to win the "Best Euopean Actress" award at the European Film Awards.

We did the same on:

What do you think?

9 décembre 2009

Friendly URls And Search Engine Optimization

BETCoffee is accessible to everyone for a few days now and it is time for us to work on our visibility and presence on search engines and directories.

Without going too much into the details of the strategy we're putting in place, let's just mention the friendly URls and page titles. From now on, every time you open the details page of a betting rule, you will notice that its description is included in its unique URl as well as in the title of the page.

Also, all bets but private bets are now captured by search engines.

7 décembre 2009

BETCoffee In Public BETA!

These last weeks, we received some awesome feedback and suggestions from many early users which helped us to design some of the most requested new features and enhancements as well as finetune the existing mechanisms.

After 2 months in private beta, we believe BETCoffee has met a higher bar for quality and reliability and is now ready to open up to the public. As from today, the website is accessible to anyone, as a public beta version.

What do I have to do?

Well, almost nothing. Just use the URi www.betcoffee.com (instead of beta.betcoffee.com) and take 5 seconds to update your bookmark (if any) in your web browser.

Despite the new URi, the switch is seamless: you keep the same user profile, the same credentials and your Rubies account is unchanged of course.

A swarm of improvements

With the public beta we're also pushing a major new release with lots of awesome features and  enhancements as well as some bug fixes. Continue to read to discover what's new on BETCoffee.

2 décembre 2009

Top Social Games for December 1, 2009

Yesterday Inside Social Games posted its lists of the Top 25 Facebook and Top 25 MySpace Games. Unsurprisingly FarmVille on Facebook is by far #1 with nearly 69 million users, growing by more than 6 million monthly active users in November. However, this is only a little more than half of what it earned the previous month.

Facebook itself continues its astounding growth (from 150 to almost 350 million users in a year) and certainly contributes in a great way to the rise of social gaming, unless it is the other way round.

Still on Facebook, Zynga's FishVille is growing rapidly too and ranks #6 with over 21 million users, despite being temporarily taken offline by Facebook beginning of November on claim of advertising violations.

Playdom's Mobsters, the most popular game on MySpace, has a million more users than it had 12 months ago. During the past month, it saw about 92000 new installs bringing it to 14181576 total users.

It's probably the right time to develop a BETCoffee app on Facebook and MySpace, isn't it?