2 novembre 2009

Private Beta 1.1 Is Out

It's already been a week that BETCoffee is available as a private beta and we received some great feedback from many users. Thank you all, your contributions and suggestions are much appreciated.

Today, we released a new version of the private beta including many fixes. You can find a summary of the main changes below.

Bug Fixes

The format of email notifications, especially when received on the iPhone, has been fixed.

On the registration confirmation email, clicking on the confirmation link without an open browser doesn't generate an error anymore.

The modal help window for new users is now popping up correctly every time.

Cancelled betting rules no longer appear in the category tree view and are flagged as cancelled on the bet details page.

The RSS feed for bets has been cleaned.

Inviting the same person several times no longer generates an error.

Accepted invitations no longer appear as a sticky note in the left sidebar.

New Features

The invitation process has been made more effective as it now includes auto completion. When you start typing a name or an email address, the system verifies if any existing users correspond to you entry and suggests a list of names.

The Friends page now shows all your pending invitations - sent and received - and provides a better overview of your connections with your friends.


The performance overall has been improved, the website is much more reactive.

There was some confusion about the format to be used when entering a mobile phone number. The required format now appears in the tooltips and the '+' prefix is now accepted.

We removed the security question/answer from the sign up form.

Setting your timezone is now only required if you are located in a country with several timezones.

BETCoffee Prize

The race goes on for the iPod shuffle in stainless steel! Win as many Rubies as you can by betting smart and you'll be one of the favorites to receive the most classy iPod ever!

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