20 novembre 2009

BETCoffee Beta Prize: Last Day Of The Contest

Today is the last day of BETCoffee's first contest. You still have a few hours left (until 11:59pm CET) to place bets and win as many Rubies as you can.

The most successful punter, with the largest amount of available Rubies on his account, wins the iPod shuffle. Read the contest page for more details.

Hint: make some quick winnings today by creating short betting rules and by inviting all your friends to bet against you. However, don't forget that all of them have to set a result before the winnings are calculated!

You can buy Rubies as well via your account page. However, you must have played on at least one betting rule ended before tonight.

Go to beta.betcoffee.com and good luck!

Top 3 Bets On BETCoffee (So Far)

Just a quick note about our most popular betting rules in just a month of private beta. Unsurprisingly, sports bets are the most successful both in terms of participation (number of bets) and value (amount of Rubies).
  1. Qualif. play-off (2nd leg), France vs. Ireland: France wins
  2. L'équipe Suisse des moins de 17 ans gagne la coupe du monde (des -17) contre le Nigeria (the Swiss U17 Team wins the World Cup U17 against Nigeria)
  3. Roger Federer will win the Davidoff Swiss Indoors 2009

17 novembre 2009

New Categories: Beach Soccer And NBA Basketball

In case you didn't notice yet, we create more and more official betting rules in more categories every day to make it easier for you to place quick bets. Moreover, official betting rules are pool games and represent higher potential winnings for you.

Today, you can bet on the following new categories:
  • Beach soccer i.e. various games of the group stage
  • NBA (basketball) i.e. today's games of the regular season

Interested to bet on other types of sports or events? Let us know in the comments!

And to be informed instantly on coming official bettings rules and new categories, make sure you follow us on Twitter (@bet_coffee) and/or on Facebook.

12 novembre 2009

Private Beta 1.2 Is Out

One week and some more great feedback later we are coming up with BETCoffee Beta v1.2. It includes more bug fixes, enhancements and some new and powerful features.


SMS invitations to bet now include BETCoffee's destination phone number. This way, the same SMS can be easily forwarded multiple times.

The "All Bets" page on the website now sorts the active bets by close date/time in descending order (closest first). This way you can see at a glance the betting rules that are about to close.

The category tree view in the left sidebar now only shows the categories that actually comprise at least one active betting rule. This should make it easier to browse the categories.

Privacy Settings

You can now set up your privacy on BETCoffee via the game settings in the left sidebar. Basically, you can choose whether your real name and photo should be visible or not.

Daily Digest

As from today, you will receive a daily email digest including your ranking in the race for the BETCoffee Beta Prize and the gap between you and the top player.

The digest also includes a summary of the bets your friends played on. This way, you can follow up on your friends' activity and easily join in on the most interesting bets.

You can change the frequency of the digest by editing your game settings (left sidebar).

Share on Facebook

While Facebook accounts could already share a betting rule manually on their Facebook walls, the system now automatically offers to do so every time they create a new betting rule. A good way for them to catch the attention of their Facebook friends, to encourage them to join the game thus increase the chances to win more Rubies!

BETCoffee Beta Prize

The race goes on for the iPod shuffle in stainless steel! Win as many Rubies as you can by betting smart. Everyone still has a chance to win the most classy iPod ever!

2 novembre 2009

Private Beta 1.1 Is Out

It's already been a week that BETCoffee is available as a private beta and we received some great feedback from many users. Thank you all, your contributions and suggestions are much appreciated.

Today, we released a new version of the private beta including many fixes. You can find a summary of the main changes below.