6 octobre 2009

First Batch Of Emails Sent

Yesterday and today as well we sent our first series of emails to our partners, friends and contacts to inform them about the private beta of BETCoffee.

We built some nice templates using MailChimp, an amazing online solution for email marketing. Actually, the templates are entirely based on BETCoffee's branding which gives our emails a really professional and classy touch. It took us quite some time to design and test them but it's worthwile doing it if you really want your communications to make an impression.

We also used (and discovered) Litmus, another online service that lets you test web pages and emails with up to 24 different web browsers and 19 email clients. A great solution to make sure that your pages and emails look nice whatever the software used by your recipients.

Last but not least, the date for the launch of the private beta is now set: it will be the 15 October 2009. Let us know in the comments in case you're interested to participate.

Oh... and there are still some seats available for our first public presentation!

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