23 octobre 2009

BETCoffee Beta Released!

Dear Punters !

Today we are very pleased and excited as we just released our private beta, yay! We invested countless hours these last weeks to make BETCoffee a safe and pleasant place to have fun with friends and colleagues.

As from now, BETCoffee Beta offers 2 game types:
  • Official bets: pool games that we organise and arbitrate
  • User bets: head-to-head games that you create for you and your friends (self arbitrated)

Both are totally free of charge and based on a virtual currency.

Want to be part of the beta? Just go to www.betcoffee.com and enter your email address, we'll send you instructions to create your account.

Once registered, you can take part in our first contest and win a beautiful iPod shuffle in polished stainless steel.

Take your chance!

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