18 octobre 2009

BETA Postponed To Tuesday

Last Thursday we made our first public presentation of BETCoffee. Despite the relatively small number of attendees, there was a lot of interest and participation. We got some really useful feedback (thank you guys) which gave us the chance to finetune a few features as soon as on the next day.

While we had planned initially to launch the BETA on the day of the presentation, we took the decision to postpone to the coming Tuesday in order to make the best out of the great comments and suggestions we received. Even if it's just a beta, we believe that our first users deserve the best possible quality as from day one and Thomas is coding almost night and day with this only objective in mind. And if you wonder why he's wearing gloves, it's just to bear the heat of his keyboard!

Only one more day of patience and you'll be able to bet online with your friends. In the mean time, prepare your bets!

You can still register for the beta if you haven't yet: betcoffee.com.

2 commentaires:

Alain a dit…

Same shirt than yesterday...mmmmh seems a lot of work :-)

Thomas Gendulphe a dit…

Hopefully for Olivier, the photo was taken the same day :)

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