27 octobre 2009

Official Bets And Prize To Win On BETCoffee

Did you notice the beautiful iPod shuffle in polished stainless steel on BETCoffee?

No, it's not an ad!

It's our monthly prize for the player with the largest amount of Rubies and it's your chance to win the most classy iPod ever. Enter the race now! If you don't have access yet to our beta, just register at www.betcoffee.com.

Now, here's a tip: your chances to win Rubies are higher if you place bets on official betting rules. We've just created 9 of them. Click on 'All Bets' in the menu at the top and select one of the betting rules with a top hat.

Good luck!

Matt Gets A Haircut(ts)

Wondering if tech celebrities are betting too? I've got the perfect example for you. As Google launched its Webmaster Central Channel earlier this year, Matt Cutts, Head of Google's Webspam team, made a bet with his team that they couldn't reach a certain milestone. And they did reach that milestone. Unfortunately for Matt, the bet was that they could do anything they wanted to... Well, I'd rather let you discover it by yourself in the video below.

Hey Matt, next time you bet with your team, just come over and register at www.betcoffee.com. It'll be safer!

BETCoffee Private Beta Running Strong

Hey punters of the world! Just a quick update on the private beta we launched last Friday. We got some very good results on the bunch of invitations we emailed on the same day: 67.9% opened emails with a 45.2% click rate whereas the industry standard is 15.3% and 2.7% respectively. Not too bad for a start.

Just four days later we already have some significant and valuable feedback that we'll use right away to improve BETCoffee. The comments are very positive overall and new bets are coming in every hour!

Thanks for all of you who have joined and provided feedback! For the others, it is still possible to register at www.betcoffee.com to participate in our private Beta.

23 octobre 2009

BETCoffee Beta Released!

Dear Punters !

Today we are very pleased and excited as we just released our private beta, yay! We invested countless hours these last weeks to make BETCoffee a safe and pleasant place to have fun with friends and colleagues.

As from now, BETCoffee Beta offers 2 game types:
  • Official bets: pool games that we organise and arbitrate
  • User bets: head-to-head games that you create for you and your friends (self arbitrated)

Both are totally free of charge and based on a virtual currency.

Want to be part of the beta? Just go to www.betcoffee.com and enter your email address, we'll send you instructions to create your account.

Once registered, you can take part in our first contest and win a beautiful iPod shuffle in polished stainless steel.

Take your chance!

18 octobre 2009

BETA Postponed To Tuesday

Last Thursday we made our first public presentation of BETCoffee. Despite the relatively small number of attendees, there was a lot of interest and participation. We got some really useful feedback (thank you guys) which gave us the chance to finetune a few features as soon as on the next day.

While we had planned initially to launch the BETA on the day of the presentation, we took the decision to postpone to the coming Tuesday in order to make the best out of the great comments and suggestions we received. Even if it's just a beta, we believe that our first users deserve the best possible quality as from day one and Thomas is coding almost night and day with this only objective in mind. And if you wonder why he's wearing gloves, it's just to bear the heat of his keyboard!

Only one more day of patience and you'll be able to bet online with your friends. In the mean time, prepare your bets!

You can still register for the beta if you haven't yet: betcoffee.com.

13 octobre 2009

Join BETCoffee's Launch Event On Thursday 15 October

We are just 3 days away from the launch of BETCoffee. Attendees will get free access to the private beta, they can test the service live on Thursday's event and win a prize!

There are still a few seats available. The entrance is free and it'll only take you 15 seconds to register. Just go to fr.amiando.com/Betcoffee.html and click on 'Accepter ici' in the right margin.

See you on Thursday!

7 octobre 2009

French Parliament Discusses New Bill On Online Gambling

The debate will be tense today at the French Parliament with the presentation of a new bill to open up and regulate gambling in France. While the European law was already modified to liberalize the market, member states are under the pressure of the European Commission to reform their gambling markets.

Currently, betting in France is restricted to two main state monopolies i.e. the group Française des Jeux, which runs the state lottery, and Pari Mutuel Urbain which offers gambling on horse racing. All other online gambling is currently banned. If passed, the law would allow a number of national as well as foreign firms to offer sports betting and poker in France, opening a massive potential market. The licenses to operate would be delivered by the ARJEL (Autorité de Régulation des Jeux En Ligne). The number of licenses to be delivered is unclear at this point. On the other hand, those gambling websites who did not request (or are not granted) such a license would become de facto illegal in France.

How is the ARJEL going to monitor the huge market of online gambling? Is it legally possible to stop a punter from accessing an illegal website? Is it even possible technically speaking?

6 octobre 2009

First Batch Of Emails Sent

Yesterday and today as well we sent our first series of emails to our partners, friends and contacts to inform them about the private beta of BETCoffee.

We built some nice templates using MailChimp, an amazing online solution for email marketing. Actually, the templates are entirely based on BETCoffee's branding which gives our emails a really professional and classy touch. It took us quite some time to design and test them but it's worthwile doing it if you really want your communications to make an impression.

We also used (and discovered) Litmus, another online service that lets you test web pages and emails with up to 24 different web browsers and 19 email clients. A great solution to make sure that your pages and emails look nice whatever the software used by your recipients.

Last but not least, the date for the launch of the private beta is now set: it will be the 15 October 2009. Let us know in the comments in case you're interested to participate.

Oh... and there are still some seats available for our first public presentation!

1 octobre 2009

Bwin Leads Top 50 Of Egaming Companies

For the second year in a row, Bwin is ranked number one operator in the eGaming Review Power 50 ranking of the 50 most influential egaming operators, followed by PartyGaming and Betfair.

Bet365 climbs two places to fourth place on the basis of its turnover nearly doubling in 2009 according to the Sunday Times.

Mangas Gaming (operates Betclick and Bet-at-home) has entered the Power 50 for the first time, taking the seventh place.

New to the list are lesser known operators such as Chili Gaming, which plans a major push on the French market when France regulates online gaming next year, Gaming Media Group and Gioco Digitale, an early mover in Italian poker which has managed to survive competition.

Paddy Power and Unibet remained stable in eighth and ninth place respectively.

eGaming Review editor Jake Pollard said:
"These new entrants testify to the constantly changing nature of the egaming industry and show just how diverse the sector is. While some of the new members of the Power 50 have major scale and reach, others are smaller operators that have grown their revenues and market share simply by intelligent strategy execution."

  1. Bwin (1)
  2. PartyGaming (4)
  3. Betfair (5)
  4. Bet365 (6)
  5. William Hill Online (14)
  6. Ladbrokes eGaming (3)
  7. Mangas Gaming (new entrant)
  8. Paddy Power (8)
  9. Unibet (9)
  10. Sportingbet (7)