23 septembre 2009

First Public Presentation Of BETCoffee

The launch date of the private beta is getting closer. If you haven't registered yet, go to betcoffee.com now and enter your email address to participate in the beta. You'll be one of the privileged beta users of BETCoffee!

Also, we'll give our very first public presentation on Thursday, 15 October. The event is kindly hosted by netinfluence, you can find all the details and register at fr.amiando.com/Betcoffee.html (page is in French, just click on 'Accepter ici' in the right margin). Attendees will receive a free access to the private beta as well.

Meanwhile, I'd like to introduce you to Betix (image). You'll see him a lot on BETCoffee, he'll be responsible for organising official bets.

Betix and the BETCoffee team is looking forward to meeting you on the 15 October!

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